An Update to Google Hangouts Which Also Sweetened Google Voice

Google Voice has been a great tool for many especially for those who needed to use different phone numbers for different purposes like one for work and one for life and still , wanted to keep everything simple and easy. Google Voice offers many essential features that aren’t offered by any traditional phone companies and that draws many users toward Google Voice.

Those of you aren’t familiar with Google Voice, Google Voice lets you have a free US based phone number which can be used anywhere in the world except in some restricted countries, once activated in the US. This phone number can be forwarded to any US based phone and ring any number of phones when Google Voice number is called. However, Google Voice can also be used without a forwarding phone, in that case, calls will be forwarded to the account email address.

Google Voice filters calls for spam, and you can also have callers say their name before you answer the call. So you always know who you’re going to talk to. It also delivers you the missed calls, texts and voicemails via email, Hangouts, and Google Voice app or Google Voice on the web. This level of accessibility is really handy when you’re traveling. Friends and family and coworkers can still keep in touch with you while you’re away without having you to sign up with one of those expensive roaming plan. Google Voice also lets you call almost any numbers in the US and Canada for free and other international numbers at per minute rates. Since Google Voice is a VoIP service, you can call home while traveling for free as long as you have an internet connected device and signed in with Google.

Google recently issued an update to Hangouts app on iOS which made Google Voice superbly useful to making and receiving calls on iPhone. Prior to this update, receiving Google Voice calls on iPhone wasn’t an experience that every Google Voice user enjoyed very much. Hangouts app didn’t ring loud (just a quick beep) or vibrate strong enough to alert users that there was an incoming call. Now, if you had your Google Voice number forwarded to a phone number, this wasn’t an issue for you. But if you were using Google Voice without a forwarding phone, you’d been left in the darkness when it comes to receiving calls.

With this update, users can use the stock iPhone phone app to make and receive Google Voice calls given that users opted in to use Hangouts for Google Voice.


To activate this newly introduced feature, open the Hangouts settings and toggle on “answer on lock screen” as shown below. This will allow Hangouts to use the Phone app for Google Voice calls.



To make a call from your Google Voice number, open the Phone app and select a contact. Long press on call icon, and Hangouts will show up as an option as shown in the picture below. Select Hangouts, and Hangouts app will be opened to make the call.



Users can now use the stock phone app for regular phone calls as well as for Google Voice calls. Much easier and effective than before.

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