How to Manage Smartphone Storage Problem

The contents of this article are also from previously posted “How to Live with a 16 GB Smartphone.”

Most of us have been through situations when our phones alerted us that storage is nearing its limit. This alert is especially unforgivable when we’re recording our unforgettable moments in our everyday lives, the moments we simply can’t afford to lose. So, what can we do about it? Well, read on to find out.

Major flagship smartphones in 2017 come with a minimum 32 GB internal storage which may have relieved the contents on our smartphone from choking but it didn’t go far enough to make us relaxed. After Operating System (OS) files and built-in apps hold up about 14-15% of internal storage, there is not much space left for the end users.

If you’re suffering from storage shortage in your phone, by employing the following tips, you can free up gigabites of space, and cheerfully live with your 16/32 GB phone:

1) Pictures and videos occupy the most space in our phone today. Download the Google Photos app and store all of your photos and videos there. Google Photos comes with unlimited storage for pictures and videos in their original quality for free. Google Photos app automatically back up photos and videos every time your phone takes one. Google Photos also helps you delete the photos and videos from your phone that are already backed up. Google Photos app is available from Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.

2) Take advantage of free cloud storage like iCloud (5 GB free), Microsoft OneDrive (5 GB free), and Google Drive (15 GB free). Avoid storing duplicate information on your phone. Back up documents and other things to cloud and delete from the phone.

3) Delete apps that aren’t used regularly. For instance, you don’t need to download a credit card app to pay its bill. That can be done on the web whenever needed. Download apps wisely.

4) Clean up Download folder in your phone. Delete or move files to cloud.

5) Always keep the operating system up to date. Doing so, may free up some space as manufacturers streamline their OS with every iteration update. Keeping the phone up to date not only streamline the storage but also improve the security of your smartphone which is critical.

If you have followed the tips above, you should see a significant amount of storage available on your phone.

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