Did Apple just borrow the cellular network icon for iOS 11 from Android? IDL.

Apple unveiled the brand new iOS 11 along with new iPad, watchOS 4, new Mac OS High Sierra and tvOS today at their annual world wide developer conference (WWDC 2017) being held in San Jose, California. While there are plenty of stuff that Apple disclosed on day 1 are neat, I’ve found one thing that I’m not a big fan of. And that is the new network icon on iOS 11.

Photo credit: Apple


Apple has changed the network signal icon with iOS 11. The network signals are no longer dots, they appear as bars. Just like on Android.

The last thing I want is my iPhone to look like an Android. This is not to say that Android is bad. I’d been an Android user until last year. I just hate the look of the network icon on Android. Now it looks like that ugly network icon is going to follow me make a trip to my iPhone. I’ve been so happy with how the current network icon looks on iPhone. Even though the iOS 11 is still in beta and a lot of things can actually change before the public release in fall later this year. I really hope that Apple receives enough feedback from beta tester including myself and decide to continue the current look.

There are plenty of new features to like about the new OS. I’m going to say two things that I really like the most so far. The new notifications panel looks modern and polished. It gives a lot of information with a single swipe up. It shows that it’s something designed for users in 2017.  The second thing that I like the most is the new control panel. It’s layout and look are nicer than the current version which many people are bored  with.

More iOS 11 stories to follow.

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