Use these tips to prolong your smartphone’s battery life

Let’s admit- smartphones suck at battery. Smartphones in 2017 are at their best and yet, manufacturers from big to small failed to design a battery that can power a smartphone for more than one day on a single charge. We see a little to no improvement on this part of our phone. It’s time to take the matter in our own hands and do whatever we can to make the battery last a little longer.

iOS in particular, has a pretty good grip on how apps behave and consume energy on iOS devices compared to other platforms. Thanks to Apple for designing such a refined operating system that uses power wisely, and also give users some options to further regulate that juice-hungry phone. Users on Android also have similar options but you can’t go as strict with Android as you can with iOS, the phone may not function properly.

While we have some controls how to use the phone in a power-efficient manner, the efficiency of the battery itself didn’t improve over time. It’s nowhere near where the battery technology should’ve gone by now when compared to the rapid advancement in other parts of the smartphone technology.

Those of you suffer from insanely bad battery life and can’t afford to have the phone dying on you in the middle of a business, use these techniques to squeeze out a couple of extra hours of battery life from your phone. I use these techniques on my phone and get 2-3 hours of extra battery life.

I’ve used iPhone as the basis for these suggestions.

Prevent Background App Refresh

Having apps running in the background puts a huge strain on your phone’s battery. So, to prevent this, go to Settings and tap General then select Background App Refresh. Toggle it off. Keeping background apps refresh off will prevent apps from running in the background when they’re not in use. This will save the battery from being drained by those unnecessary background activities. But don’t worry, your calls and text messages and emails will still come through. Apps made by Apple will perform normally without any interruptions. Only third party apps will be prevented to run in the background. If you use Gmail or any other email provider apps for email, you have to check email manually.

Location Services

Constant location accessing by apps can drain battery very fast as apps try to use GPS, cell tower data and other built-in sensors to pinpoint your location to offer their businesses. Thankfully, iOS made it very easy to set location access for each app as users need. By default apps may always access your location. To change this, go to Settings and then tap Privacy and select Location Services. You can deny location access to any apps you like or you can give them access to location when they’re in use. If you think a particular app shouldn’t have access to your location you can set it to never. This is also a privacy concern for many. You can guess why Apple has put the location settings under Privacy.

While you’re under Location Services, you can further strengthen the battery saving options here. Select System Services at the bottom and turn off the location for those services that you think don’t need. Also turn off Frequent Locations. Frequent Locations tracks your Locations wherever you go with your phone and saves data in the cloud. Some users also turn off Frequent Locations just because of privacy issues. Who wants to be tracked by their spouses (just say’n).

Disable Push notifications 

When push notification is ON, apps constantly check for new information in the background which costs energy. And that energy is obviously provided by the battery. Push notifications only works for emails. Getting email an hour or two later can save some juice when you need it the most.To turn off push notifications, go to Settings and tap Mail and then tap Fetch new data. There, turn off push and set it to hourly.

And lastly, always be sure to turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and other short range communication channels when they’re not in use. Doing so saves battery.

Every little things count and collectively they make a difference and save hours of battery life for times when you wished your phone lasted a little longer so you could finish something you started.

These tweaks can also be performed on any phones by going into the appropriate settings. It’s good to keep in mind that the battery in your phone only stores a finite amount of energy, so using it wisely can get you through the busy day without worries.

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