How to Live with a 16 GB Smartphone

The space we need

Apple, Samsung, and other major smartphone vendors used to release the base model of their flagship smartphones with a mere 16 GB of storage. After around 14-15% storage taken up by the OS and default apps before you even unbox your phone, there is not much space left for you to play on. Thankfully, things have improved. The smartphone-hunger game has been intensified in recent years. In response, many, especially Apple and Samsung, are providing better value for the same or less money including graduating their base models from 16 to 32 GB. Samsung even post-graduated theirs to 64 GB model with Galaxy S8 series this year. A nice move by Sammy.

Even though, there are phones with more storage options available in the market, it’s unrealistic, however, to think that everyone will ditch their old phones and buy a new one. So what if you are one of those people with a 16 GB smartphone still proudly holding in your hands. Can you live with a 16 GB smartphone in 2017, and still have fun with all those storage-hungry games or keep up with ever increasing social networking? Yes, you can.

For iPhones, every iCloud account comes with a 5 GB cloud storage for free where users can backup their data including photos, videos and whatever else they like to throw in there. Other smartphones come with no cloud storage at all. This 5 GB iCloud storage quickly fills up in little to no time. However, good news is that following some simple tips like those shown below, you can still use your 16 GB smartphone like a champ:

-Anything captured by the camera in your phone take the most space, collectively. Download the Google Photos app to store all of your photos and videos. Google Photos comes with unlimited storage for pictures and videos in their original quality for free, yes, for nada. Take all the snaps you like but save none on your phone or in your tight iCloud vault. Allow Google Photos to backup your photos when you’re connected to a WiFi network, and later allow it to delete photos that are already backed-up  from your phone. Deny iCloud to store or backup your photos or videos. No worries though, you’ll still be able to access all your photos and videos from any Internet connected device. One vacation worth of memories can fill up all the space in your phone. So, solve this problem with Google Photos for free.

-Don’t let third party apps store data in the iCloud or on the device. Use iCloud to only backup important information that otherwise be lost if you don’t save. So, use iCloud wisely.

-Never download apps that you don’t regularly use. For instance, you don’t need to download a banking app to pay your credit card bill. You don’t pay credit cardbill every day or week. That can be done on the web once a month. Save that space for something more urgent.

-Remove the unnecessary files that you once downloaded and no longer needed.

-Take advantage of free cloud storage services like Google Drive which gives you 15 GB free storage and use that to store files and other things.

-Download the latest version of OS if available. Doing so, may free up some space as manufacturers streamline their OS with every iteration update. My 32 GB iPhone 7 plus was recently updated to 10.3 and doing that around 2 GB of storage was liberated. Updating to latest software not only streamline the storage usage but improve the security of your smartphone also.

If you have followed the tips above, you should see a significant amount of storage available on your phone. If you find this article useful, please leave a comment below or hit the like button. Please don’t forget to subscribe to be benefited from the future posts. See you in another article soon.

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