Here is how I save at least $30 per month using GV

We all have bad memories of paying high cell phone bills here in the US. We still pay a lot of money to network operators just to be able to use their networks. Does it have to be like this? Apparently not. I was tired of giving my hard earned money to cell phone companies and desperately looking for a way to save, and at last I found one. I have had a Google Voice number for a while but never thought about making it my primary line up until last April. I always have more than one unlocked phones laying around my house and most of them are Android which is kind of a natural habitat for all things Google. I ported my primary line to Google Voice from a traditional carrier. I had to pay a one time $10 fee to Google but that’s okay comparing to what I used to pay. Most of you reading this article may know that Google Voice is completely free of charge (generous mighty Google). Calls and text to most US and Canadian numbers are free. Anyway, I installed Google Hangouts and Hangouts dialer apps on my phone. On the Google Voice my account page, I opted in to receive calls and texts in my Gmail which is connected to Google Hangouts and everywhere I use Google services. No call forwarding number is needed if you don’t have one or just don’t want to. I turned on calls and texts options by going into the Hangouts app and boom, I’m done. For all incoming calls and texts, Hangouts app rings. Now, I have WiFi at home but what if I go outside? I decided to find a cheapest plan possible. I’ve got a T-Mobile data only plan for just $20 with 2gb LTE data. This is all I spend on the cell phone bill every month. Unlimited talk, text and 2gb LTE data for just $20 per month. Sweet, right?
Once signed up in the US, Google Voice can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connected device and the specific country is supported by Google Hangouts.

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